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Everything you want in a good pair of socks

We interviewed hundreds of socks lovers about what makes a good pair of socks. We knitted that feedback into each pair, starting with sustainable bamboo. It's breathable, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial. Your feet stay dry, on an extra-cushioned foot bed with reinforced heel + toe and you won't have to deal with the frustration of saggy socks sliding down your legs. Our pairs will be your new faves!

From Our SoleMates...

Soooo comfy and ridiculously cute! I bought these for the awesome magnet feature, but they seriously ended up being the most comfy sock ever. Absolutely LOVE!!

My favorite socks! I think it might be the fabric content? But my feet don’t sweat in these socks. Also I love the mid foot support for my plantar fascia. 

Brilliant product, fast delivery and wonderful customer service!

I love these cute socks! They are so warm and soft and the design is so clever!!

The sox are great! Everyone is happy and they absolutely love them!

They fit perfect and are so comfortable! And they stick together through the washer and the dryer!

 Best socks ever! Wore them. Took them off and magneted them together. Washed them. Dried them. Threw them in a basket, pulled them out they were still together. Awesome sauce!

Good for all day wear, even if you're just cozy-ing around the house!

Tested and 100% approved!! They provided comfort, leg support, and style! Genius product! 

 These socks are the most comfortable I've ever worn. I didn't have to adjust they just fit.They're amazing! #Lovethesesock

The sox are durable and withstand wear and washing like a champ. If you have been looking for a new favorite sock, your search is over.