Self Care Market Sunday

Cityhouse Collective

Dec 8, 2019


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Bamboo Quality

We knit nature's best into our Sox


Each pair of SoleMate Sox is knitted from the highest quality Bamboo yarns available. After months of research, studying nature, thread sampling, product samples, and product testing, we fell in love with bamboo and decided to knit nature's best into our Sox.  


  • Supremely Soft- Bamboo fibers are silky smooth, much like cashmere is to wool. Bamboo gets softer each time you wash + wear your Sox.

  • Dry Feet- Bamboo is super absorbent and moisture wicking.

  • Anti-Microbial+ Anti-Fungal-  Bamboo is naturally porous with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, eliminating foot stink+ contributing to healthier feet. Diabetic patients and sock lovers who suffer from skin disorders will be thrilled to wear our sox.

  • Breathable - Bamboo fibers are strong+airy, keeping your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer

  • Eco-Friendly+Sustainable- Bamboo grows faster than any other plant. It doesn't need lots of water and survives without pesticides, fertilizers+ human intervention.


Our team spent months testing the wash, wear, durability and longevity of dozens of threads, thread count, yarns, feel+fit. We couldn't ignore the dynamic quality of Bamboo. Each pair is knitted from the most supremely soft bamboo yarns available.  SoleMate Sox are cloud soft, much like cashmere. Each pair is knitted with an ultra cushioned foot bed, reinforced arch support, sag-free sock top + reinforced heel and toe for longer-lasting pairs.