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Mini Soles Kid's Collection is HERE!

Posted by Catenya McHenry on
Mini Soles Kid's Collection is HERE!

Mini Soles Kid's Collection | SoleMate Sox

It's been such a wildly productive summer that we almost forgot to announce our new launches here on the blog.

We've had our heads down, doing the work and trying to churn out as much as we possibly can. As much as we accomplish, we always believe and feel like there's more we could do. We ultimately want our customers to experience and embrace our excitement. We LOVE what we're doing and we hope that translates. 

This summer, we launched our super fun Kids Collection. We originally introduced four new designs but we pulled one that we're relaunching next Spring. Now parents can shop crazy Sox for their children, fitting shoe sizes 2-6. We love each design! We wanted them to be fun, happy, and colorful, reminding us of childlike innocence. We gave careful thought to each design. We wanted them to express familiar, everyday elements of a child's life.

Each pair is super soft, silky smooth with around the foot dreamlike cushion for all day wear+play. We hope you love them! Feel free to shop, save 30% + enjoy FREE SHIPPING. Shop here.


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