Our Story

There's enough stress in the world. Lost socks shouldn't give you gray hair+wrinkles because SoleMate Sox is the lost sock solution!
I'm just a single Mom of three trying to solve one of the world's greatest mysteries. Ten years and countless sacks of single socks nearly sent me to the looney house, so before they brought the white jacket, I decided someone needed to find a fix.
Frustration birthed our magnetic sock invention.
SoleMate Sox About Us

Courtesy: Danielle Guenther Photography

I wanted to go beyond just fixing an everyday problem. My goal is to elicit an unforgettable positive experience. I want our customers to look forward to wearing our pairs and to be excited about pulling them out of the dryer stuck together. We've accomplished something when customers are confident about finding each sock and not just a single. Many people can relate to that feeling of frustration- when you're positive you put your socks in together, only to find missing mates when the dryer buzzes. Our pairs are SoleMates; always together.


My intent is to make sure SoleMate Sox are the best socks you can buy. We have given careful thought to every aspect of each sock. From the bamboo threads, to the fun+happy designs and the magnetic technology, our pairs will become your favorite go-to Sox for everyday or any occasion.


Our team spent months testing the wash, wear, durability and longevity of dozens of threads, thread count, yarns, feel+fit. We couldn't ignore the dynamic quality of Bamboo. Each pair is knitted from the most supremely soft bamboo yarns available. Our Sox are breathable, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. SoleMate Sox  are moisture-wicking. Your feet stay dry+stink-free. They are cloud soft, much like cashmere. Each pair is knitted with an ultra cushioned foot bed, reinforced arch support, sag-free sock top + reinforced heel and toe for longer-lasting pairs.

SoleMate Sox Quality Chart


Scientific and medical research suggests that our magnetic patent- pending technology can improve blood circulation, which is beneficial for patients with blood clots, diabetic patients and those suffering from poor circulation. Sock lovers with skin disorders will find our sox are itch-free+ won't cause irritation.


Each pair displays original artwork by our team members which also include my children. We also strive to create strong collaborations with other national and global brands which has led to ‘Love Wins,’ a partnership between SoleMate Sox and global artists who are inspiring others through their beautiful artwork. We share their paintings+drawings on our Sox.

Stephanie Corfee and SoleMate Sox
We approach each new original design with passion and inspirational intention to draw, paint or pencil palettes that are fun, vibrant, colorful and purposeful. SoleMate Sox are designed and knitted with love in the the USA, something we are extremely proud of!


We want you to be excited about wearing your Sox and we want you to experience an emotional connection- from the minute you open your package and every time you wear them. We infuse love into every aspect of what we do. From our carefully selected threads and fibers to our curated collaborations, intentional+thoughtful messaging, packaging and charity work, SoleMate Sox are the best socks you'll ever buy+wear. That's our guarantee!

SoleMate Sox Packaging


Thank you so much for shopping at our store! We love that you're here and we hope you love SoleMate Sox™ as much as we do! If nothing else, at least you won't lose the mate on laundry day!



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