Giving Back

courtesy: SoxPlace | SoleMate Sox Giving Back

Homelessness affects more than just adults, it unfortunately affects teens and young adults too. Thousands of youth roam the streets everyday, looking for a new home. Eventually, they bond with other youth on the streets, some as young as 13, in similar situations. 

Many of those teens from throughout the country land in Denver, Colorado, finding camaraderie+comfort at Sox Place, a daytime drop-in shelter.

Father-son owners, Doyle and Jordan Robinson don't know all the back stories of the young people they serve but what they do know is that Sox Place is a safe haven- a place where no one is judged.

Sox Place was born in 2002 after Doyle was dubbed 'Sox' by all the teens that received free pairs of socks Doyle would regularly hand out. Socks is one of the most requested items at homeless shelters across the nation. A clean pair of new socks makes a person feel good.

Today, Sox Place serves scores of teens throughout the year offering hot meals, socks, a safe place to hang out and find healthy friendships, job training and other crucial resources.

Not many people realize the reality of homelessness and who it affects. Regardless of this harsh reality and circumstances of how teens are wandering the streets, there are young people that could use some help and that's why we at SoleMate Sox are more than grateful to be able to partner with Sox Place. We send as many pairs of our magnetic Sox as we can, in hopes of making a difference and helping someone feel loved+ comforted.

If you're moved to make a donation directly to Sox Place, click here. You can also purchase a Sox Place gift card that will provide a pair of Sox to a youth in need.

Thank you for helping us spread love!